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Hydrate. Love. Nourish. Soothe.

Exceptional skin care for when you travel


Skin Care Created for Travel

Our mission?  To create your skin care travel essentials.

Why? Because skin needs more when you travel.

36 Hour Moisture for Great Skin

The fastest way to great skin is to maintain hydration and prevent inflammation. When we travel, our skin is confronted with ultra-dry de-humidified air, stress racing to catch connections, delayed skin cleansing, poor nutrition, tiredness and discomfort - all of which can trigger deep inflammatory responses.

Your every day skin care is just not up to the challenge.

Girl Voyager Moisturisers incorporate our proprietary Derma36™ with 3D hydration boosters created to comprehensively hydrate skin door-to-door for 36 hours; as well as a cocktail of sophisticated anti-inflammatories including Australian Mountain Pepper Berry to continuously inhibit and soothe inflammation.

Flight Survival Series

The Pro-Biotic Pre-Flight Mask builds the skin barrier before travel; the Award-Winning invisible Long-Haul Hydration Mask mega-boosts hydration, reduces hidden inflammation and prevents skin sensitisation during long-haul flights (also look for our new Oil-Free version), and the soothing Safely Landed Post-Flight Mask re-hydrates, repairs micro-wounding and soothes redness to restore skin integrity after landing.

Try one of our ten Traveler's Oils for a little more. Check out our Award-Winning signature anti-redness Girl Voyager Facial Oil.

Hotel Room Survival Series

Hotels can be a great 'me time'. The Hotel Room Survival Series is a luxury range of masks for pampering, repair and future-proofing skin. 

For when you just want to stay in and order up Room Service, treat yourself to the amazing Big-Night-In Investment Mask to future proof your skin, or the Hot Tub Magnesium Mask to relax, repair and restore. 

Here for a red carpet event? You will fall in love with the Big-Night-Out Plump and Glow Mask - your jet-lagged skin will look amazing again in minutes.

We Won!

We've invested so much love, thought and passion into our products that it really means a lot to us when we are recognised.

Thank you UK Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Australian Botanicals

Australia is an isolated, ancient continent with more than 70% of the world's unique plants. Australian Botanicals have evolved in the harshest desert and rainforest environments with amazing potency for hydration, protection and repair.

Created for Sensitive Skin

All Girl Voyager products are mindfully formulated to exclude any ingredient with potential to irritate. Many of our formulas include natural anti-inflammatories.

Earth Friendly

When sourcing Australian Botanicals we work first with Indigenous suppliers. We never, ever test on animals. Our products & packaging are Vegan.


I had a long 5 hours train ride yesterday and using the Long Haul Hydration Mask helped my skin a lot. Train full blasted AC and the air was SO dry. I usually get 5 or so blemishes after the train ride but this time I only got one! Also my skin doesn't feel like it needs to be drenched in cream. :)


One of my favorite finds during the masking month! Yay! These little babies from In-Flight Magic left my skin feeling super-hydrated, calm and soothed. I love the ingredients list. I know my skin needs extra love when I fly, so I think the idea of creating specialty skin care products specifically formulated for travel is genius! Love!


I've seen a stack of reviews about this brand and their amazing masks for flying! I spread the mask on my face. It melted onto my skin, leaving no trace and continued to smell amazing. I'm not going to lie, my skin soaked it up so I put on a couple of layers and there was still no evidence of it on my skin.


These face masks were a LIFESAVER after the long flight in Italy. My face never felt so hydrated after such a long flight. Thank you In-Flight Magic, they're 10/10 and I'm obsessed!


Finally I've waited months to put my Long-Haul Hydration Mask to the ultimate test of actual air travel! was amazed that skin maintained the elasticity + didn't oil up from dehydration like it usually does! I'm thoroughly impressed it delivered everything it promised.


The Long-Haul Hydration Mask is a great primer and it made me look like I had a filter on. My make up looked really good. I was able to get 4 uses out of the sachet.