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Introducing: A-Beauty

by Annie Holden |

You’ve heard of K-Beauty. You’ve heard of J-Beauty. Now it’s time for A-Beauty! - The latest and greatest in beauty trends, from Down Under.

In-Flight Magic is a proud Australian brand, and we love our mother country almost as much as we love skin care. When you combine them you get A-Beauty, and something super special happens.

Here's why A-Beauty is the up and coming miracle of skin care innovation:

  • Australia is a world leader in skin care science and research
  • Our deserts and rainforests are the source of the most remarkable botanicals that have evolved to thrive in our harsh climate, producing potent ingredients with multiple amazing benefits for skin care.  There are 23,000 Australian plant species, and only 1,000 have been studied so far.  So stay tuned for more excitement in the future!
  • Australia offers excellence in manufacturing and quality assurance

Some of our favourite Australian Botanicals are highlighted as our ‘YES’ ingredients – which you will find in all of our products, because we simply can’t get enough of them!

Some fun facts about a few A-Botanicals we are currently obsessing over are:

Banksias– Provide vital antioxidants and glycosides that repair skin and build collagen!  Banksias are a beautiful species with a flower that ranges in colour from yellow to red over autumn and winter.  There are over 173 different species of the Banksia and all but one of these naturally occur in Australia. At In-Flight Magic we use the flowers that are wild harvested, meaning the extracts we collect are highly potent. We don’t squeeze, heat or crush the plants, keeping them exactly as nature intended them to be, and as they evolved to thrive in the harsh conditions on the coastlines of Australia.  

Kangaroo Flower (AKA Kangaroo Paw) – Brings the good fatty acids that allow us to hydrate and repair our skin!  Kangaroo Flowers naturally occur in the southwest of Western Australia and are a stunning crimson red colour – who doesn’t look good in red?!  These beauties are pollinated by Australian birds, making them a common nesting place for Australian native wildlife. Again, due to our methods of extracting the essences of our Australian Botanicals (that doesn’t include crushing the plant or the use of heat), the Kangaroo Flower essences we use in In-Flight Magic products remain fully concentrated, powerful and wonderfully bio-available.

Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry – this baby is in nearly all of our products we love it so much!  Inhibiting the TrpV1 channel, Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry instantly reduces irritation and inflammation. Tasmanian Mountain Pepper Berry is a shrub that has white flowers, which appear in early summer, followed by black fruit which are the Mountain Pepper Berries.  These berries are used in traditional medicine (and have been for centuries) as well as being a very popular form of ‘bush tucker!’

Southern Cross University (SCU) is a five-star Australian university and is one of the leading international research institutes specialising in plant sciences.  Our founder at In-Flight Magic, Dr Annie Holden, is a former Adjunct A/Professor at Southern Cross University (SCU).  In-Flight Magic has continued our relationship with SCU, meaning we are able to stay completely up to date with the, almost daily, astonishing discoveries of unique plants, with amazing benefits for the beauty and wellness industry!  Once the science is in, our chemists then incorporate the best discoveries and research with benefits for hydration and anti-inflammation into our products – all for your skin wellness and glow!

In-Flight Magic and In-Flight For Men are shining examples of amazing Australian innovation with real benefits for skin care health.  And, we feel like we have only just begun!

Article by Cat Catherall, In-Flight Magic Community Manager.

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