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Our Philosophy

Your usual skin care routine is fine for a usual day.  But when you travel, skin needs more.  Girl Voyager products are carefully formulated to match the demands on skin of your particular travel journey - whether that is long-haul flying, a beach holiday, embarking on a desert adventure, attending a special event, or over-nighting in an air-conditioned hotel.  Every one of these environments places extra demands on skin.  At Girl Voyager we design not for skin type but for the environmental conditions into which the woman or man is traveling (or working).

Common across all challenging environments, though, is the risk of inflammation as skin struggles to respond to new environmental challenges - stress of travel, rapid changes in environmental temperature and humidity, extra dust, less nutrition - and more! 

As proponents of Clean Clinical Beauty we are about creating products that work and we draw on a wide range of ingredients with a strong evidence base that they are both safe and effective.

But we go one step further than just Clean Clinical.  Because the harsh conditions of traveling will challenge any skin, our formulas deliberately exclude any ingredient where there is even a remote possibility of allergen or irritation.  We exclude any active ingredients that might irritate - including those commonly found in almost all skin care products.  Yes, even those you likely use every day and love. 

We create Girl Voyager products in a base of certified organic ingredients to which we add natural phyto-actives essences, oils and compounds, as well as proven laboratory cosmeceuticals, in particular plant-based cosmeceuticals, such as peptides, ceramides, inflammation inhibitors, vitamins, amino acids and 3D hydrators - all carefully formulated and manufactured to be bio-compatible and maximally bio-available, so that the skin is able to recognize and absorb them.

Our use of Australian Botanicals, by the way, happened by accident.  We searched the world for the best hydrators, the best anti-inflammatories, the best skin healers - and discovered that most of them were actually growing in our own country!  Now we use proven Australian Botanicals, alone or in combination with other proven botanicals or plant-derived cosmeceuticals, in all our formulas. They continue to astonish us with their beauty, potency and efficacy.

No matter what skin you're born with, every skin has its limits...

Skin has its limits

Every skin has its limits as to how much stress it can take before it becomes sensitive. Once the skin barrier is compromised, it can be very difficult to restore. All our products are formulated to build and strengthen the skin barrier.

If you spend time in air conditioned airports, offices, shops, hospitals, or in extremely dry or cold environments - you, too, are at risk of developing sensitive skin, so Girl Voyager products are most certainly right for you. 

Even oily skins can become dehydrated and eventually sensitized.  Our products hydrate, protect and restore skin's own natural healthy barrier for all challenging environments and for all skins.

We know about dry skin

We in Australia know all about dry skin!  And we've learnt how to care for it. 

The Clean Clinical formulas developed in the Girl Voyager laboratory use carefully selected, scientifically proven, ethically sourced, highly effective ingredients and actives that hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines and create real glow, without the harsh irritants or excessive stimulation of many of the actives included in most every day and high end skin care brands. 

We respect the science because we want to see the proof.  We preference natural ingredients because we believe that nature has evolved complex, potent compounds that are beyond the capability of any human laboratory.  We use certified cleanly grown, wild-harvested and organic ingredients.  We build on nature through innovation and the use of designer ingredients that target, in particular, hydration and inflammation.

Our proprietary formula Derma36, found in all our moisturisers, brings to skin care the best of both worlds of science and nature to the solution of keeping skin hydrated in challenging, ultra-dehumidified environments such as airports, hotels, hospitals and offices, and for the duration of long-haul travel.

Every ingredient in our carefully formulated products has to earn its place.  We say 'yes' to plant derived and organic.  We say 'yes' to recyclable glass and cardboard in our packaging wherever possible (and quickly incorporate better alternatives as they become available); And we say 'no' to these guys:

*No animal products or animal derivatives *No beeswax (we use vegan substitutes) *No Palm Oil *No Palm Oil Derivatives *No Peppermint Oil (with the exception of a smidgeon of Organic Peppermint Oil Hydrosol in our Men's Skin Moisturiser - they're tough, they can take it; and in the Traveler's Oil for Foot.) *No Propylene Glycol *No Triethanolamine *No Ammonia *No Arnica *No Raw Oils *No Menthoxypropanediol *No Oak Bark *No Sulfates *No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) *No SLES *No Paraben *No raw Coconut Oil for facial products (we tend to use Organic Babassu Oil as it less irritating and absorbs more readily than coconut oil) *No Formaldehydes *No Formaldehyde-releasing agents *No Phthalates *No Mineral Oil *No Retinyl Palmitate *No Oxybenzone *No Coal Tar  *No Hydroquinone *No Triclosan  *No Triclocarban *No Synthetic Fragrances *No non-natural Vitamin C *No Non-natural Vitamin A *No strong Essential Oils in our women's facial products (we use essential oils in hair, feet and body products, and we use hydrosols in the men's facial products as these are less irritating) *No Phthalates *No Petroleum *No Artificial Colors *No Artificial Flavors *No Perfumes *No Dyes *No Alcohol * No Lanolin (we use vegan substitutes) *No Isopropyl Palmitate *No Gluten *No DEA *No Soy *No Rose Stem *No PEG/PPG *No Laureth *No EDTA *No Phenoxyethanol *No Ethanol *No CMIT *No BHT *No Petrolatum *No Benzophenone *No Etc. Etc. Etc.