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The downside of a complete world-wide unprecedented travel ban due to COVID-19 for a newly launched travel skin care company is, of course, no customers.  The upside (we always look for the upside), was that, now we actually had time to sit around and think about what we really wanted to be called we decided that our original brand name 'In-Flight Magic' was not so much us as the name of one of our award-winning products 'Girl Voyager'. Hence the rebrand to 'Girl Voyager'.  

So who are we? Girl Voyager is an Australian company with connections into universities undertaking ground-breaking research in skin-care. We research and incorporate leading skin-care science into our products, beginning with, but not limited to, Australian Botanicals with proven benefits for skin health.

We are a small team on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We love to travel but we also know that travel is incredibly demanding on skin - extreme dryness of airports, planes and hotels, dusty and dry or hot and sweaty work locations in deserts and tropical forests, and constantly changing environmental pollution challenges, so that eventually skin can become sensitized and irritated.

And once skin is sensitized, it is very difficult to restore it to normal health.

Between us we had tried many brands and couldn't find one that gave us the luxury, soothing feel we want in a moisturizer and that didn't also irritate skin. Like many women who fly a lot, we needed a product that was deeply hydrating and soothing but that did not contain the irritating actives commonly used in most quality skin-care products.

Also, like any one else who travels a lot - we spent a lot of time in hotel rooms. We always loved to turn otherwise boring hotel room nights in transit into relaxation and self-care nights.

The team from Girl Voyager (previously In-Flight Magic).

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